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Through outstanding PE teaching and sports provision in this founding year, TBZ has inspired its young students to:

  • Be courageous risk-takers and try new sports.
  • Learn the importance of co-operation, collaboration, and teamwork.
  • Challenge themselves physically, socially and emotionally.
  • Achieve their physical potential.
  • Lead more active, healthy and balanced lives.
  • Develop a passion and interest in the sport of all kinds.

Our students are also encouraged to be as active as possible during their recreational time.

Sporting Facilities

Tariq Bin Ziad’s campus facilities have certainly supported our students in these achievements. In addition to a superb indoor
gym, students also have access to an outdoor track, field, and basketball court.

Whilst Tariq Bin Ziad does not yet have its own swimming pool, we were most fortunate to have access to the indoor pool facility of Qatar Academy Msheireb.

Our students are also encouraged to be as active as possible during their recreational time. Inside the Early Years building, there are two high-quality walls mounted wooden climbing frames. Outside, the exceptional climbing equipment located in the playground beside the main school building enables students in Grade One and upwards, to develop still further those skills they first develop on the frame designed specifically for our three to five-year-olds and which is located beside their Early Years building. A range of quality tricycles, bicycles, and even a trampoline not only add to the range of student activity but to the enjoyment too!


PE Provision

In this academic year, there has been a balance of athletics, gymnastics, and games. Dance and movement is an area to be developed still further in 2020-2021.

From 22nd March 2020, PE and sport provision also continued throughout the period of distance learning. Balance and well being were most especially important during this time, and our students enjoyed taking part in yoga.


Swimming Provision

Swimming was taught by Qatar Swimming Association certified coaches at Qatar Academy, Msheireb. Once weekly sessions of 50 minutes took place for students in the following grades.


Sport Beyond the Curriculum

After School Activities dedicated to the sport have provided our KG and Grade One students with opportunities to pursue their sporting interests and discover new talents. During the autumn term 2019, a Multi Skills Sports Activity was offered once weekly to our Kindergarten and Grade One students.

The engagement far exceeded our expectations! 65% of these two grades registered for this ‘ASA’ which gave them an opportunity to participate in a range of sports such as football skills, basketball, circuit training, dodge ball, and simple gymnastics. As well as a healthy body, we also supported our students in the development of a healthy mind, and, in this year, certified coach Mohamed Nasra of QSports Academy provided two sessions weekly of 45 minutes each. A total of 27 hours of Karate to students in these same two grades between 12th November 2019 and 27th February 2020.

Underpinning our commitment to providing an After School Activity program is the belief that the benefits go far beyond mere enjoyment. Indeed, high participation rates are linked to improved academic performance along with increased self-management and social skills.

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