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We continued using our tool of communication which is “ SeeSaw “. Teachers post tasks and learning objectives on a daily and weekly basis. Parents with their children can interact and go over the tasks at any time of their convenience. Teachers have three announced office hours before Ramadan and Two during Ramadan. During those hours parents will get direct and live interactions. We decided to avoid the live lessons interactions as our students are very young ( 3 to 6 year olds) so to make sure that we avoid any safeguarding issues we opted to post the tasks and recorded videos.

Parents with their children can interact and go over the tasks at any time of their convenience.

Students’ attendance:

Teachers have been monitoring students› attendance through their daily participation and posts on SeeSaw. In each of our 8 classes we have a couple of students who don’t participate on a daily basis. We communicated with the parents and found out that some are not familiar with technology and others are busy with work. We encouraged them and provided guidance. We have an estimation of 95% positive attendance rate. Upper grades attendance and engagement are higher than the little ones in pre 3 and pre 4. We believe this because they are more independent than the younger students.

New subscriptions:

Before school closure we had a couple of literacy subscriptions for students in learning and reading websites such as “ Kutubee” and Scholastic. We have expanded our subscriptions after the closure and added more such “IXL” which turned out to be a huge success for students.

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New Admissions:

After our school official opening on the 25th of February we started to have huge demand to enroll children to the school. This did not stop with the closure of schools. We continued having new applications up to this day on a daily basis. We have filled pre 3 classes with 72 new students and filled more classes of KG, grade 1 and grade 2.


We made a decision to conduct our school screenings online. We designed rubrics and a set of criteria for each grade level. We sent a letter to parents explaining the process. We allocated 20 minutes of interview with the child with their parents on Microsoft Teams. Both English and Arabic teachers conduct the testing showing the child various documents and questions and ask him/her to respond. An administrator and the admissions officer also attend the meeting. We record the interview for reviewing and auditing purposes.

Teachers attendance & commitment:

All of our teachers showed high commitments to their daily interaction with students, daily planning with their teaching partners, weekly planning with the
PYP coordinator and weekly meetings with the director. We did not report any absences.

We have two teachers who work remotely from the UK and we faced no issues with their commitment with us and connectivity.

Parents survey:

We have conducted two parental surveys to measure their satisfaction and views on distant learning. We had 79 responses out of 156 students and families. Mostly they are satisfied with the school’s plan. The one recurring comment is the request to reduce the learning tasks as they dont have time to follow up.

Parents survey
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