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After School Activities

Tariq Bin Ziad School has shown big interest in extra-curricular activities, as it held several after-school activities for KG and Grade 1 students. These activities varied between heritage, arts, sports, agriculture, academic and many more, through three rounds during the school year.

Round 1

The Islamic Club

This activity took care of instilling the love for the Qur’an in the hearts of our students, and preparing them for the Holy Qur’an competition, which is held annually under the supervision of the Ministry of Endowments.

Multi-skills sports club

This activity covered a wide range of sports skills:
soccer, basketball, dodgeball, circle training and simple gymnastics.

Mathematics Club

It is an academic activity that varies between the thinking skills, mental Math and solving problems. The participating students enjoyed this activity a lot.

Karate Club

Trainers from Qatar foundation’s Recreational centre gave a 20-session karate training at the Sports Hall of TBZ. This club was continuous in all 3 rounds.

Round 2

Traditional Games Club

In this club students learned about traditional games such as: Hiddo Al-Msalsal, Al-Sabah, Al-Dahrouj, Al-Rayn. Traditional games have become a culture of the school, as these games were activated in sport classes and in today’s events.

Sensory Club

The Sensory Club aimed to help students develop their fine-motor skills and to build good relationships with each other through working collaboratively in teams and groups. The Sensory Club’s allowed them to explore their individual sensory needs through experimenting with various sensorial activities that included: Making playdough, slime, sensory bags, sensory jars, dinosaur eggs, melting ice cubes in different ways and rice painting.

Science Club

During the science club, students made different experiments like: Volcano experiment, mixing colors using shaving cream, and milk experiment. The students were excited, collaborated and were sharing their creative ideas after the experiments. At the end of each session, students were reflecting on their learning.

Gardening Club

It aimed to improve social skills, increase students› knowledge of healthy food, develop a sense of community and responsibility, instill a lifetime appreciation for the natural world, meet the needs of students with different learning styles, and we were aiming to achieve one of the echo school themes which is school grounds.

Cooking Club

The students enjoyed applying self-skill knowledge by learning how to cook simple and healthy foods such as sandwiches, salads banana ice-cream and fruit sticks. The activities aimed to develop their Social and fine-motor skills.

Music Club

Tariq bin Ziyad School witnessed the birth of its children’s choir this year, the choir included singing skills, identifying heritage and unleashing children’s talents. Within a few months, the choir managed to represent the school’s anthem at the school’s official opening ceremony on February 25.

Round 3

Reading Club

Students read stories for fun and for improving reading habits. They designed bookmarks, and enjoyed illustrations, phrases, rhymes and simple life lessons in Doctor Seuss’ book. We practiced the skill of reading and listening to stories, recounting stories with things that were designed, such as dolls, linking stories to art, and nurturing children’s imagination.

Toys making Club

Students learned how to make toys, especially traditional ones, like: AlSabah, Al-Dahrouj, Kirem and flipper football, then play with them. The objective of this activity was to: enjoy playing, developing artistic sense, integrate games with the Qatari heritage, and work in teams.

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