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The Unit of Inquiry is a core part of the PYP learning journey at Tariq Bin Ziad School. Students are given the opportunity to explore a concept in depth. Central ideas are explored and students are guided through lines of inquiry and teacher questions. Learning engagements are scaffolded to ensure that concepts are understood and are progressive.

Unit of Inquiry is central to all planning, and links are made to Arabic and English subjects, all objectives and engagements planned through the transdisciplinary approach. Where teaching and learning is organised and connections are made to real life situations.

IB learner profile and attributes for learning are key to the success of the Unit of Inquiry, where focused skills are developed throughout the learning journey. These are key to students becoming lifelong and 21st century international global learners, where critical thinking skills and collaboration are continually enhanced.

Students are given the opportunity to explore a concept in depth.

Learning engagements are planned collaboratively between Arabic and English language where students are immersed in both languages and opportunities for agency are evident and students choose their language of learning. Speaking and listening is core to the students learning where they engage in presentations and discussion, becoming excellent communicators.

All the learner profile and IB attributes are developed throughout the learning journey.

Each Unit of Inquiry started with provocation to inspire and elicit curiosity in students before the actual inquiry took place. Pre 4 collaborated operating an open-door policy, where students had the opportunity to move freely between classes to participate in learning engagements.

Inquiry-based learning was used as an approach to provide the fundamental skills necessary for learners to question, observe, investigate, reflect and find solutions to problems. The inquiry skill was developed through the different lines of inquiry and transdisciplinary themes.

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