Tariq Bin Ziad  Curriculum 

Tariq Bin Ziad School is a candidate school for the IB Primary Years Program . The Primary Years Program is a curriculum designed for students between the ages of 3 and 12 . 

The curriculum at Tariq Bin Ziad School reflects the concept that students have very individual learning styles. In their classrooms, students and teachers collaborate to develop meaningful individual goals in an environment that emphasizes curricular philosophies such as cooperative teaching and question-based learning.


What is so special about the PYP?

The PYP focuses on the development of the whole child, and provides a framework that can meet a child’s academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. It is inquiry based and lends itself to being integrated across the curriculum. Students take ownership of their learning and develop skills and attitudes to help prepare them for life in a global world. The PYP also caters for all the different kinds of learners in the classroom. There is literally something for everybody. The PYP also tends to let students get a deeper understanding of the concepts. They will be on the road to becoming a World Citizen.


 Tariq Bin Ziad primary years curriculum: 

• Is developmentally appropriate: Academically, psychologically, socially and emotionally

Emphasizes skills and process approach

• Nurture local and global awareness

• Stresses «how to learn» rather than «what to learn»

• Reflects a variety of teaching and learning styles

• Develops the use of dual language across the entire curriculum and incorporates a range of authentic assessment strategies.

IB Learner Profile


I try to make the right choices.


I'm curious. I ask questions and enjoy learning new things about the world.


I know how to share my ideas and feelings in a clear and confident way.


I can tell and show you what I have learned and use it to solve problems.


I learn from my mistakes and try to solve problems. 


I can think of ways that I can improve. 


I listen to other opinions and try to understand their perspectives. I know it’s ok that people are different. 


I care for myself and others. 


I know that a healthy body houses a healthy mind.  I use my time wisely to work, play and rest.


I am not afraid to try new things and stand up for what I believe in.

Academic Curriculum Standards

The Primary Years Program provides the overall framework for learning and teaching at Tariq Bin Ziad school. International Baccalaureate scope and sequence documents form the basis of the curriculum Language; Mathematics; Social Studies; Science; Arts; Physical, Social and Personal Education. 

We aligned the PYP Language scope and sequences with Ministry of Education and Higher Education Arabic standards. 


You can view the curriculum standards for each subject with the following links:

Mathematics scope and sequence

Science scope and sequence

Social studies scope and sequence

Language scope and sequence 

Personal, social and physical education scope rand sequence

Arts scope and sequence