About TBZ

About Tariq Bin Ziad School

Tariq Bin Ziad School having previously been run by the Amiri Diwan, the school has a strong history and is of national importance.

Recently, the school has been equipped with new, advanced facilities, and it is now ready to be positioned as Qatar’s leading bilingual school with a strong focus on teaching all subjects in Arabic and English in a local context, Qatari culture and heritage. QF is working to ensure that the school fulfills its vision and operates at its full potential.

We have teachers from all over the world coming together and sharing their experiences with our students. We aim to  establish a progressive school where high expectations, being challenged, taking risks and being responsible are parts of learning. We have high standards and expect students to have a strong desire to learn.

Our Vision: 

Leading Learning 

Our Mission: 

 Tariq Bin Ziad School aims to develop responsible, lifelong learners and internationally-minded citizens, who help to create a better and more peaceful world, through an inclusive glocalized and dual-language program.  Our caring community supports academic excellence, enhances local identity, and understanding and appreciation for other cultures.



Welcome to Tariq Bin Ziad School

We are excited to start our new journey and relaunch a school that has a legacy of graduating many of our current leaders in Qatar. The school promises to be one of a kind as it will provide a bilingual education blended with a curriculum that is deeply rooted in the Qatari heritage. Our programs will be offered in a great facility that retains the historic shape of our building and updates it with the addition of new state-of-the-art amenities. 

We look forward to further strengthening links with the community and providing learning opportunities for our students that enable them to explore the world beyond the confines of their classroom. We encourage you to visit the school and get to know more about our philosophy, programs, and facilities. 


Maha Al Romaihi 


Tariq Bin Ziad school is located within Al Sadd Area in Doha, and it consists of mainly 3 buildings and several facilities: The Single Floor Early Years Education Building, The Two Floors Specialized Learning Studios and the Primary Buildings, along with Two Floors Basement Car Parking and large retractable umbrellas. The school has various spaces and rooms in which they serve the learning purposes and the physical and motor skills activities.

The Classrooms are prepared and equipped with the latest technologies and suitable furniture. As well as the laboratories and specialized rooms around the school such as the ICT Computer Labs, Science Labs, Music Rooms, Art Rooms and Library rooms. All of which have been designed to satisfy the latest trends in school learning processes.

Many of the indoor and outdoor Non-classrooms areas are allocated as well. For Example: Multi-Purpose Sports Hall, Cafeteria, School’s Prayer Hall, Indoor Play Areas, Outdoors Playgrounds, Football Field, Basketball and Tennis Courts.

The Buildings of Tariq Bin Ziad School are considered as Eco-Friendly and Green. Several integrated Systems and Special Equipment are installed to cope with the Environmental and the planet reservation efforts: Sun-Tracking Solar System, Retractable Skylight, Open Skylight Receptions and Common Spaces with Natural Sun Lightings, Motion-Sensor Lights in corridors, Recycling Trash Bins and Self-Closing Water Faucet inside all the toilets and hand wash spaces.