Tariq Bin Ziad School having previously been run by the Amiri Diwan, the school has a strong history and is of national importance.

Recently, the school has been equipped with new, advanced facilities, and it is now ready to be positioned as Qatar’s leading bilingual school with a strong focus on  teaching all subjects in Arabic and English in a local context, Qatari culture and heritage. QF is working to ensure that the school fulfills its vision and operates at its full potential.

We have teachers from all over the world coming together and sharing their experiences with our students. We aim to  establish a progressive school where high expectations, being challenged, taking risks and being responsible are parts of learning. We have high standards and expect students to have a strong desire to learn.

Our Vision:

Leading Learning

Our Mission:

Tariq Bin Ziad school aims to develop responsible, inquiring, knowledgeable, respectful and open-minded global, proactive citizens who are striving for life- long learning who help to create a better and more peaceful world. Tariq Bin Ziad school provides an inclusive dual- Language program in a learning environment that supports academic excellence whilst promoting personal growth, within a caring community committed to Qatari heritage and leading to better understanding and appreciation of other cultures.